Summer Courses

Spring and summer vacation courses for young learners aged 12-17 years and families with Callan Method
Our Vacation Courses are designed for young people (12-17 years old) who wish to improve their language ability in a limited number of weeks and at the same time enjoy an active and interesting holiday in London.

We offer a high level of pastoral care, a central London location and an exciting range of activities.

A fast and effective Callan Method course
Carefully chosen content aimed at aged 12 to 17
Engaging stand-alone activities
A fun and lively way for young learners to learn English
Every student involved all the time
Useful speaking practice – not just chatting

Although the Callan Method involves a lot of speaking practice, this does not mean chatting (free conversation). When people chat, they only use the words and grammar that they already know, so they do not learn much. In a Callan Method lesson, you are constantly using new words and structures when you speak, so you benefit more. No time is wasted.

Practical English, delivered economically
The Callan Method helps you learn quickly, and the Callan Method books have been designed to give you the vocabulary you need, and grammar rules that really help you. And the language requirements of popular English exams have been carefully considered.