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Callan Method


Course summary

  • Learn Fast
    The Callan Method is a fast and fun way to learn English, focusing on fluency, understanding and pronunciation.


  • Everybody Speaks
    The teacher asks questions designed to practice a particular piece of vocabulary or a grammatical concept, which the students answer with the teacher’s help. 70% of a Callan lesson is speaking (with a little reading and writing), so everybody gets lots of speaking practice.


  • Repetition
    Like an athlete in a gym or a musician playing their instrument, a language learner must practise new words again and again. With the Callan Method students systematically revise old work every day, so it stays fresh in their minds, before learning something new. Grammar concepts can be very difficult when first introduced, so don’t worry; just practice.


  • Correction
    The Callan Method, unlike many other methods, emphasizes correct pronunciation. Having your own accent is natural, of course, but some pronunciation mistakes can lead to misunderstandings. At Master Academy, native English speakers help you use the proper pronunciation and grammatical constructions by correcting you when you make mistakes.


  • Good for all levels
    The Callan Method is a very effective way for beginners to start speaking English quickly, very useful for intermediate students needing help with their grammar and great for advanced students looking to learn and practice phrasal verbs and idiomatic English.
    The material is very carefully designed to teach language tested in internationally-recognized exams, so it’s useful for students thinking about taking exam preparation courses.


  • Fast Progress
    The Callan Method is divided into twelve stages (twelve books). Each book takes about 3-4 weeks to complete. After finishing a stage the stage is revised, the students are given a test and can start the next stage. It’s possible for a student to go from complete beginner to an advanced level in a year of studying, which is much faster than with other methods.
    Master Academy has been accredited by the Callan Method Organisation, which ensures that the Callan Method is being taught to a high standard around the world. All teachers at Master Academy have been trained to use the Callan Method and have many years of experience.


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