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English Language Course

Master Academy was founded in 2013. We are located in Seven Sisters, with easy access to the centre of London. We have an experienced team of teachers who are friendly and dedicated to getting you to speak fast. The friendly and motivating environment at Master Academy is the ideal place for you to immerse yourself in the language. Although accredited by NCFE and Trinity College London, we mainly use the Callan Method to deliver our courses.

We're a friendly language school located in North London right on the Victoria line, which can take you into the heart of the West End in under 15 minutes. We specialise in teaching the highly popular and energetic Callan Method, and also offer courses in Grammar, Writing, Conversation, Idioms and Phrasal verbs, as well as exam preparation courses such as Cambridge PET, FCE, CAE and IELTS, all at a very affordable price.

Because studying is not only about what you learn in the classroom, we offer a range of teacher-led social events for students to learn about British culture and practise what they've learnt in lessons, all while meeting other students from around the world.

As it's our mission for you to get the most from your stay and feel as comfortable as possible, we offer affordable accommodation options and the Teachers and Reception staff are always available to give advice and make you feel at home.



Good for all levels

The Callan Method is a very effective way for beginners to start speaking English quickly, very useful for intermediate students needing help with their grammar and great for advanced students looking to learn and practice phrasal verbs and idiomatic English.

The material is very carefully designed to teach language tested in internationally-recognized exams, so it’s useful for students thinking about taking exam preparation courses.

Fast progress and minimal materials

The only thing you need for your lesson is a Callan book, a pen or pencil and some paper.

The Callan Method is divided into twelve stages (twelve books). Each book takes about 3-4 weeks to complete. After finishing a stage the stage is revised, the students are given a test and can start the next stage. It's possible for a student to go from complete beginner to an advanced level in a year of studying, which is much faster than with other methods.

At Master Academy

Students learn English with the Callan Method, which is a direct method specifically designed for rapidly improving fluency, understanding and confidence.

Experienced Teachers

Classes are taught by highly experienced and dynamic teachers, who encourage the students to speak quickly and naturally, while correcting both their grammatical and pronunciation mistakes.

Callan Method

Master Academy is accredited by Callan Method Organization (CMO), which ensures that the quality of teaching and training meets the international standard. Teachers here have been trained by CMO.

We are also accredited by Edexcel and ASIC accreditation for international colleges, which means that we can accept students studying on visas.

In addition to Callan Method courses, we offer ESOL courses for students who are planning to apply for indefinite leave to remain in the UK.


``Master English Academy Accredited by ASIC , NCFE, Trinity College London and Callan Method Organisation(CMO).``